Most women who desire to lose weight find sticking to a healthy diet and a regular exercise routine easier said than done.  This is why Her Mind & Body promotes the importance of first creating a plan of action for removing the mental and emotional roadblocks that can hinder the development of a healthier lifestyle.  These roadblocks often include poor finances, poor relationships (with one’s Higher Power, self, and/or others), and a physical environment that hinders peace (clutter, disorganization, the types of people we associate with).  At Her Mind & Body we believe that once these roadblocks are addressed, one can then free up the energy necessary to pursue a healthier lifestyle.

Her Mind & Body's eCoach program is a 3 month program where you will visit with your personal eCoach once a month for 30-45 minutes.  During each session the focus will be on improving one of three major aspects of your life:


  1. Money (lack of, mismanagement, debt)
  2. Relationships (with your Higher Power, yourself, and/or others)
  3. Physical environment (home, neighborhood, work-space, the people you associate with)


During your first session your eCoach will help you create a plan of action for improving the area you selected and have you set a goal to reach by the next session.

During your second session you and your eCoach will discuss your progress, make revisions to your plan of action as needed, and set a new goal to reach by the next session.

During your third session you and your eCoach will discuss your progress and make revisions to your plan of action as needed.  It is during this session that you will be given the option to continue your sessions on a month to month basis.

If you decide to keep going, you can choose to continue to center your attention on the area that you chose at the beginning of the program, and set a goal to reach by the next session.

If you are satisfied with your improvement after the first 3 months and want to tackle a different aspect of your life, your eCoach will help you to create a new plan of action, and have you set a goal to reach by the next session.

After each session you will be sent a free gift specially selected by your eCoach to help support you with reaching your goal.

Most importantly, anything you share will be kept confidential.

How will I meet with my eCoach?

Your sessions will be conducted online via  At your scheduled time, go to and click the link displayed below.  Upon clicking the link you will be taken to an online waiting room where you will need to enter your name to check-in.  Your eCoach will then start your session.  For more info regarding the requirements for using, click here..

How much does it cost?

YOU decide the price and pay AFTER each session, kind of like a tip -- it's as simple as that.

Payment by debit or credit card is accepted via Paypal.  An email will be sent to you after each session for payment, or you can go to and click "Tip Jar" at the top of the page.

What are you waiting for?


Please post your questions or concerns below and I will reply within 24 hours.  Thanks!

Jacquelyn Hollister-Tyson, INHC

Founder of Her Mind & Body

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