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In 2008, after her own success with weight loss, Jacquelyn Hollister founded Her Mind & Body.  Her vision was to create an online community for women where they could have access to the support, tools, and resources necessary to successfully lose weight and live a healthier lifestyle--mentally, physically, and emotionally.  In 2013 Jacquelyn graduated from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition where she learned the skills to practice as  a health coach.  She has continued her passion to help women by developing a unique approach to weight loss where she helps her clients to first focus on tackling the roadblocks that can hinder their weight loss progress.  These roadblocks usually stem from 3 major areas:  Finances, Relationships, and Physical Environment.  Once the roadblocks in these areas are removed, Jacquelyn's clients experience a sense of renewed energy which allows them to move full steam ahead towards pursuing their weight loss goal.

Jacquelyn offers her health coach services online via secure video chat which allows her to help clients no matter where they live.  Jacquelyn has also published several self-help workbooks that promote diet, exercise, and stress management to help women to achieve not only a sense physical well-being but also a sense of mental and emotional well-being.

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